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  Stone Care Basics
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Keeping Your Stone Beautiful

Natural Stone is an investment which can be kept beautiful with very simple care and maintenance

Natural Stone is absorbent but stains can be prevented with protective sealant. As a fabricator and installer, Stonesmith always applies sealer to our finished jobs.

Basic Stone Care

  • Blot Spills Immediately
  • Use Coasters Under all Glasses
  • Clean Surfaces with Mild Detergent or Stone Soap
  • Thoroughly rinse and dry stone surfaces after washing
  • Dust and Mop Stone Floors Frequently
  • Protect Stone Floors with Non-Slip Rugs or Mats
  • DO NOT use Vinegar, Lemon Juice, or Other Cleaners Containing Acid
  • DO NOT use Windex or OTher Ammonia Based Cleaners on Natural Stone
  • DO NOT use Scouring Powder or Creams
  • Call Stonesmith, Inc. Annually to Reseal your Natural Stone

  • The Marble Institute of America offers a brochure that includes information on treating spills and stains on natural stone surfaces. For a copy, please send $1 US along with a self-addressed, stamped, business-size envelope to:


    The Marble Institute of America,
    28901 Clemens Road, Suite 100
    Cleveland, Ohio 44145 USA.



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